An outlet for my thoughts, feels, and fangirling.My icon is from Ootaka Shinobu's Tegaki blog.

Most of my posts are the beautiful fanarts I find on Pixiv. All credit  and creativity belongs to their wonderful talented artists and if you can, do rate them on their original pages. (If I missed a Pixiv notice not to share the art, please pm me.)

I love Magi and my dearest character is Ja'far. I really love him and Sinbad so much that it hurts. I like Kouen next. ♥

I ship Sinja / Enja so much.
I also ship
Jean x Armin
Erwin x Levi
Kageyama x Hinata
Kuroo x Tsukki
Kagami x Kuroko
and many more. ♥


Haikyuu!! ♥
Free Eternal Summer
Dramatical Murder
Love Stage
Fairy Tail
Aldnoah Zero
Captain Earth
Diamond no Ace
Tokyo Ghoul
Shonen Hoillywood


Magi ♥
Sinbad no Bouken ♥
Shingeki no Kyojin

BL like:
Warui Koto series
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Super Lovers
Honto Yajuu
Caste Heaven
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